Which processor should i buy?

I was initially going to buy the i7 930 but then decided ill go with the AMD 1090T because the actual processor and motherboard is cheaper than intels. I mainly want it for gaming, i dont really do a lot of encoding or stuff like that. I read this article http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/amd-phenom-ii-x6-1090t-890fx,review-31882-9.html and it seems like the intels are whooping the AMD processors.

I have heard that the new AMD processors in 2011 (bulldozer) will be compatible with the AM3 motherboards which would be good for future proof if i go with the AMD 1090T now, But is it really worth it instead of going with an i7?

Basically the processors i have in mind are:

AMD 1090T
Intel i7 920
Intel i7 930
Intel i7 950

Obviously the i7 950 is the better processor but is it worth the extra money for the performance ill gain over the other 3 processors, also does anyone know which would be better for overclocking?

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  1. For gaming you can get the cheaper Phenom II X4 955/965/970, the video card is the one that matters much more. AM3 CPUs will work in the AM3+ socket not the other way around.
  2. Future proof is an obsolete term. Intel is a master of designing new chipsets that require you to purchase a new motherboard. Amd is a little better. But most folks tend to overspend to get the new features. It's your money. Get what makes you happy. You'll get all kinds of recommendations as to use amd or Intel. Google for some reviews of each cpu in your budget range and look at the benchmarks; some are targeted for specific games. I've had better luck overclocking Intel cpus, but I don't do it as it doesn't provide the performance increase I expected. I'd rather save energy on my electric bill and make my current system last as long as possible.
  3. Cheers for the replies, i think from what ive been reading its worth throwing in the intel i5 750 or 760 into the list.

    Ill keep looking at benchmarks and hopefully make the right decision :)
  4. You really wont get good use out of a six core with what you do with your computer. If gaming is the most intensive thing you do go with an AMD 955BE if you want to save a little $. If you are not concerned as much about being on a budget, for a little more the best options out there are the i5-760 or the i7-950, but the more you save the more you can put into your GPU. The i5-760 is a nice middle ground of the two.

    [UPDATE]Nice greghome, you beat me to it while I was typing. Anyhow same idea, nice. :)
  5. Personally I would grab and I5 for gaming before the Phenom II X6, or save some cash and get a Phenom II X4.
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