Where can I buy a Gaming Pre-Build?????

So i keep reading stories about how bad cyberpower and ibuypower is, dell is just a complete rip off and i dont know where else to go. anyone know where else i can go to buy i good pre build?

I cant build my own because my job is paying for it and it has to be built already, my max limit is $1300. Right now all i play is World of Warcraft, but i wanna be able to play at max settings in 25man raids with 60fps, im sick of laggin on my 9800gt 1gb with a 2.3gh amd processor (AMD quad core, not the II).

So any decent sites out there i can customize a pre build?? or any companies that make a good one???

any help would be great. :bounce:
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  1. Most of the custom PC companies are good.

    They (custom PC builders) are just as good or just as bad as any other custom builder. Once in a while, some unfortunate customer WILL get a bad system. Normally, the builder will try to fix the problem if the time factor is not too much. If not, they will just walk away from the customer. This is a fact of life!

    Do some comparison shopping, read customer reviews (some of these reviews are fake), and then take your chances. The majority of the shoppers will do ok, and will get a good system.
  2. keep an eye on officemax and staples they often do specials for hp fairly cheap
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