Upgrade Intel Duo CPU T6600 to support hardware virtualization

I'm trying to install MAC OSX ver 10 on my Dell inspiron 1545 laptop..
with Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 2.2 GHZ processor..
and i can't istall the MAC using Vmware.. coz it come's up with the message that No hardware virtualization detected...
any clue how to enable Hardware Virualization?
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  1. Hardware virtualization is a function either built into the processor or not. In your case, and mine (T6500), we lack it and the only solution is to replace the processor with one that does.
  2. Being a laptop processor.. Id say the way to enable virtualization is to buy a new laptop that supports it.
  3. I agree with rand_79. Might be cheaper to buy a new laptop. Laptop CPU's are not cheap.
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