100% hard drive activity and screen freezes

As the title says, something is up with my hard drive. Every so often, my screen will freeze for 5-10 seconds. It seems to happen more often during gaming. I've played bioshock, F.E.A.R., continent of the ninth seal, left 4 dead 2, minecraft, and many more! All of these games have the same story: They will be chugging along nicely at 60+ FPS, then the screen freezes. Any sounds that were being played when the freeze started will loop until the hang-up is over. Now, the reason I say it is my hard drive is what I see when I open windows resource monitor.


As you can see, the disk usage is at 100% even though nothing is being written or read (green graph on the top). The usage randomly drops down to 0%, and this is where the lag spikes occur. If i'm not gaming, programs will not respond until the freeze is over. However, i can still alt-tab and move my mouse. I also noticed how incredibly slow my computer is at writing files to a flash drive today. This is a new symptom (lag spikes have been happening for about 2-3 months) and I'm wondering if it's a sign that the drive is on its last leg. It took about a minute and a half to copy a 53 MB file. Another thing to note is that I almost always get one of these lag spikes when I open a chest, my intentory, or anything with a gui in minecraft. It seems related to the hard drive not reading right away (the spikes).

I'm 100% certain this isn't a software issue (I thought it was my videocard drivers for the longest time) as it happens on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Ubuntu. Is the only fix for me to buy a new drive? Or is there any hope of tweaking this one to work properly?
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  1. Have you run any disk diagnostics on the drive? If not, try that first. Secondly, have you defragged the drive lately? If not, you may want to try that and see if it helps. Thirdly, have you run a virus scan? If you have tried all of these and none have helped please let me know and I will dig a little deeper into this issue.
  2. I had the same problem with my dell n5110 lap,it was due to a dell driver "intel® Rapid Storage",it uses much of hdd. so Just remove it(uninstall) if you have installed it...
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