Gears of war crash

Hi guys .,..I got gears of war game and i have 4850 card..
after struggling for hours i could install GOW and after struggling for another couple of hours i could run the game and I pushed myself to Act 1 and chapter 3 and as i kill the spotter the game gives me wargame-g4wlive.exe you guys know how to fix this issue..? i have to change the date to 2008 to play this game btw...
if i am in the wrong thread then please guide me...thanks :)
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  1. Cracked copy or legit?
  2. ???

    Did that happened on the other games as well?
    If it happened only on GoW then the problem is the game itself...

    Are you sure this game is original?
  3. its cracked...the installation dvd is split into 2 dvds and when I extract the 1st dvd it doesnt ask for the second one...i think that is where some of the maps are lost..and i am not able get past through act 1 chapter 3...
  4. GTFO..... But seriously, buy the game...
  5. Now, that's the problem... :)
  6. when i google i find people having problems even with the original dvds..
  7. copy dvd 1 and 2 both in ur harddisk then extract them
  8. update your game for windows live client, you freaking pirate.
  9. 1st dvd hasfew files which are partial files and the rest of it is in the 2nd wen i copy the 1st dvd it doesnt copy those files as it recognises them as broken files..
    if this game works perfectly then i would have definitely bought the original dvd
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