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recently one of the forum members (and i guess he does this often) was giving away a recent video card he bought and tested and such.

did the submitions for that end? i tried finding it but could not, i've not gotten the hang of navigating these forums yet and i've been having pc problems of my own for the last week or so so i think i missed it.



also if anyone have any info on what would continue sly cause a dmi verification pool data error where the pc just hangs there, i've never figured it out but it appears its resolved as of now but could be wrong as i need to keep an eye on the pc
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  1. That giveaway is over and done with and any number of things could be causing your DMI Pool error, some things to check are :-

    1. Corrupt boot files on the computer.
    2. Settings for hard disk drive are not correct.
    3. Floppy diskette or CD in computer causing issue.
    4. Boot devices not set properly.
    5. BIOS corrupt or misc. setting not set properly.
    6. Connections loose or disconnected.
    7. Bad Hard disk drive or other bad hardware.
  2. do you have a link to the thread of it or the persons name?

    as for the dmi pool error.

    we'll go backwards in order

    7. perhaps one drive could be bad, but not 4 sata drives plus a brand new one that had just been ordered and received and as of right now 3 of them are going just fine with no problems.

    6. all the connections was nice and tight (except for the last time with the ide drive but every time before that they was fine) in fact i even replaced some cables to make sure it was not a bad cable.

    5. the bios is what i came to the first time and rma's the brand new motherboard (my prior msi;'s cmos and bios went bad), but that would mean the first new board i bought was bad and this board i am using now was bad but now works.

    4. boot devices was set just fine and with repair tools most of the time they saw the drives as well as the bios during its start up saw them too.

    3. no floppy drive on pc and i tried booting with and without the dvd drives connected.

    2 the settings for the hard drives appeared just fine and correct.

    1. this is what was happening, corrupt boot files and lost partition tables. but my problem is i don't know if that caused the dmi issue or if that was a result of that., everything seemed just fine then i replaced my motherboard everything was fine for the first two days. then i mistakenly installed the software that came with motherboard (one being a dmi viewer) after that software installed it said it needed to reboot and that's when the dmi error occurred.

    after that point everything was screwed up, even when i got a new motherboard in with the same hard drives it still did the same thing.

    then i got a brand new hard drive, only drive connected bios saw it just fine, installed the os everything seemed to go fine and on the last reboot to finish up the installation it did the same thing.

    so i have no idea what the problem was. i since have been up and running for two days with no issues but i was not able to install the os on a sata drive its on an ide right now.

    since then i've been able to copy the data over from the other drives to the new one and such (that takes forever to copy 700gigs from a drive over). after everything was copied over and working i was able to use disc management and every drive is up and running again. one of the sata drives was put in an older computer and used to install the os system.

    so while everything is running right now it bothers me to what and why it happened. i couldn't even get most programs to recognize the drives like my backup program i had a working os image but it couldn't recognize the drives to get to the backups.
  3. yes thats the one


    still wish there was a option to see what new has been posted since your last vistit or in the last 24hours etc
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