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I building a new home computer, and need to decide which windows to install. I have 4gb of ram and plan to use the computer for netflix, writing for school, storing media, and just typicall everyday use. I think I'll get windows 7, but if you think I shouldn't please tell me why. Also, please tell me which of the Windows 7 models is best for my planned usage (Office, Professional, Home Premium, ect.), and 32bit or 64bit.

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  1. Home Premium. It's the basic version for Windows 7. Gaming, watching videos, movies, etc. The version (32-bit or 64-bit) depends on your system (if you have a x86 CPU, then 64-bit). There should be a system check-up on the Microsoft Windows website for this.
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Fully agreed. Home Premium 64bit OEm should be just fine.
  3. Home Premium 64bit edition will be the best for you!
  4. Daniel, As you don't give your age or occupation all the above posters have told you what is correct for you now, on the information you have given. If you are building a new system and it contains 64bit architecture then I agree that you should use that. Because that is the way forward in computing. That way you can expand your system as a 64bit system. Windows 7 is the the Windows edition of the moment. It is good and I use the Professional edition myself. Windows 8 is probably a year away maybe more, so if you want it now then Windows 7 is the best option. As for which edition of Windows 7 you want to use, then that depends on your likely future use. If after school comes highschool, then university, then a career that involves a lot of computer use then perhaps you should aim a little higher. I am retired but I plumped for the Professional version. I did not need bitlocker so I did not choose Ultimate. Whilst everyone agrees that Home Premium is correct for you NOW! Only you know what is better for you in the FUTURE!
    Good luck.
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