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I am trying to boot from my external hard disk, but once i plugged my drive and start the PC and go into the boot menu i dont see my external hard disk. This problem occurs only if i insert my hard disk to USB2.0 Port, If I insert my hd to USB3.0 then I see my Ext hd in the boot menu. I am not sure what is the problem, I used to boot the system from my external hd before from USB2.0 also. Recently I upgraded my bios, My mobo is ASUS M5A97 R2. but if i insert a flash drive in any of the USB port it get detects the problem is only with the ext hdd. Please help to resolve this.
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  1. Ok, I found out the problem, It is with new BIOS version. I flashed my old BIOS back My Ext hd got detected. Again I flashed the new BIOS, same problem no Ext HD in the boot menu list. It seems the BIOS version is buggy.
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