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I'm in the market for 1TB-3 TB storage for videos(50mb) files, steam game install. Based on reliability and low noise levels would you recommend Green, blue or black storage? budget=$150. I heard HDD had increased in price due to flooding in factories, are current prices as low as in the past?

Appreciate any advice
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  1. Black
  2. I use a WD 1Tb Blue at 150Mb/s 64Mb cache appears faster than the 16Gb it replaced
  3. If your budget is $150 then you can't beat a black.
  4. depends what you want to use it for:

    green: low power use, cheapest of the 4 (not recommended for 24/7 operation)
    blue: standard drive, normal office use
    red: specifically designed for NAS use, low power and designed to run for extended periods
    black: the highest performance model, most power consumption, also the most expensive

    to be honest, the green drives are fine if you just want to store data. but if you expect some good performance, you should probably look to spend a few more bucks on a black
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