New Nvidia drivers remove sleep mode?

Ok i downloaded the new drivers 258.96 vista 32bit, and ever since my card wont underclock itself on idle! I fear this is using up max power consumption, why did these drivers do this? Its one of the cards main features!

I have a GTX 285 btw, is there an option to renable this?

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  1. Are you using any other programs like MSI afterburner or Rivatuner to adjust your card's settings?
  2. not sure but previous drivers seem smoother and faster in games for me im runing a pnyt 9800gtx+
  3. No i dnt use any graphics tweak programs but ive discoverd the problem for some reason since my phyxs was set to auto instead of the GTX 285 it doesnt work ive set it to the 285 and now the sleep mode works :\

    TBH i would NEVER have thought it to be connected to the phyxs :\

    So... its fixed now, how very weird this computer world is.

    HOWEVER, the memory controller load is now stuck on 100% is my card going dodgy?

    My game just crashed and i think this is becasue of the memory controller load, it happens alot and when i check its always at 100% it never used to go anywhere near 100%, ive read somewhere else someone has had the same problem but there was no fix, i guess ill make a new thread for this.
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