Help with budget LGA 1155 mobo.

Hi guys! First time questioning about something.
I am searching for budget LGA1155 mobo, which has 2 PCI express 16 and 4 DDR3 1600 ram slots. The money I have for this is about 100- 150 $
As far as I have been searching have found these -
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  1. Are you planning to run crossfire or sli? Budget and crossfire/sli do not go in the same sentence.

    Neither of those boards would be good for crossfire or sli because the second slot is only 4x. You want a board capable of 16x/8x or 8x/8x, not 16x/4x.

    This is the only one I can find in your price range but it does not support sli, only crossfire.
  2. You mean CAN do Crossfire, but not Sli.
  3. fixed
  4. If you plan to have the best framerates, don't go with a cheap mobo. Buy yourself a great mobo to fit with great graphic horsepower.

    That board supports both Crossfire and SLI as every top of the line technologies:

    Wanna buy a budget 100-150$ board?? Then buy only one graphic card.

    You look like you'd get a formula one engine and fit it in a civic berline... sorry but you have to buy both in the same category. It would cost more money (and time) just to configure the formula one engine to be compatible with the car's body, and it won't ever match that full-feature formula one... neither a porche or ferrari... it will still look like an ugly civic.

    Furthermore socket 1155 will be compatible with the next Intel cpus so better get the best so that your chances of getting these new techs on it are higher.
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