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Will my CPU bottleneck an Ati 5570 or 5670?

Hello everybody, I was hoping someone could help me decide what videocard to get for my Intel DG33BU Mobo - Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33Ghz - 2Gb Kingston DDR2-800 - 500W Codegen 250XA1 24pin PSU - Win XP SP3.

I was thinking about getting a hd4670, 5570 or 5670; but help me out if you think about other options.

Thank you!
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  1. Is your question regarding what video card to get, or if a certain card will bottleneck your system? What do you use your computer for? If you game, what resolution, what games, at what settings? We need more info from you before making a good recommendation.
  2. I want to know what video card to get, and if my system will bottleneck the power of the card. I use my computer for gaming among other uses. I play Crysis, Crysis Warhead, Modern Warfare 1 and 2, Assasins Creed, Resident Evil 5; I get around 25 to 30 FPS at LOW-med details (1360x768) with my 8500Gt. As HD 5570 and HD 5670 are newer cards I want to know if they will work fine in my pc.

    Thank you for your help
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    Your upgrade to a 5670 will definitely make your CPU and RAM the slower parts in your system. You will be held back depending on what resolution and settings you'll game at once you get your new card (if you decide to change it). If you still have your same resolution, you'll definitely notice an increase in performance still.

    Your PSU can handle any of those cards, so it's just a matter of budget for you. I'd recommend going with as high as you can go for future proofing.
  4. go with the 5670 as boris stated. i had a similar system with an athlon x2 4200 and a 9800GT, at one time. yes it will bottleneck but its not a major one.
  5. Thank you for your help boris and ct1615, I think I'll just go for the 5670. In my country this card is $135 US dollars is it too overpriced?
  6. no clue, markets vary from country to country. I'm only familiar with the USA market
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  8. -The x2-4400+ at 2.2ghz is not even close to a core2 at 2.33ghz. its more like the core2 based pentium dual cores at 2.0ghz or a pentium D at 3.8ghz. The cpu's are not the same per clock.

    I have a X2-6000+ It runs at 3.0ghz. I remember the one up from your cpu since it was the competing cpu at the time I bought mine. I almost bought the intel e6600 that ran at 2.4ghz. The core2's had a slower clock speed back then, were a bit more expensive. Both cpu's overclocked poorly. The core2 was faster clock for clock, so a 2.33ghz core2 was about the same as a 2.8ghz X2 athlon64(5800+). I orginally bought the then new x1950pro with my system upgrade. A bit later i bought a used 4870-512 when it was only about 6 months old from its release. To date the only game that is cpu limited is dirt2 that gets about 30fps@1920x1440 2x msaa/med-high settings. However the dirt2 game favors a core2 so you would get double the fps I get. Games often favor either amd or intel cpu's. Games like fear2,left4dead2,ut3,batman,prostreet all run good on this computer.
    With ati i would stick with the proven 800 shader cards like my 4870.
    I seen the hd-4850 on sale for under $100. There is a new 1gb ddr5 4850 card out that almost matches my older 512mb 4870. It is around $100 too.
    If you get a 4850 make sure you get the 1gb version, most are ddr3 that is still ok. The 4870 runs too hot so I would get the 5770 instead even if the 4870 is a bit cheaper. The 5750 also runs much cooler than the 4850 so if they are close in price the 5750 is better. The 4850/4870 cards overclock poorly where the 5750/5770 cards overclock more and run cooler.
    The only card nvidia has is the $200 geforce460(overkill but would still work ok). The 9800gt/gt240/5670 are too slow.
    I did see some 250's for sale for around $100 too, they are close to a 4850/5750, a geforce250 or 260 would be ok if you see one on sale.

    I would say that the 800 shader 4850 or 720 shader 5750 would be a close match for your system, or a geforce 250 or 260.
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