Gt240 on intel board

hey guys i know i have an old motherboard which is intel D946GZIS but im gunna upgrade my gfx card to a gt240 im on a tight budget and i wanna know if it fits on that board and i have a good psu i dont remember the specs but i remember it ran a 9600gt but it died so im gunna upgrade to the msi gt240GDDR3 edition cant find the GDDR5 one
so will it work on the intel D946GZIS baord it has a PCI-E
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  1. If it ran a 9600GT, then a GT240 would work without problems. But if yo have a 9600GT, theres no point "upgrading" to a GT240.
  2. yh but it died (9600gt) so im forced to upgrade
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