SSD install in ahci or raid mode ?


Regarding my st<ill to solve problem a few posts down below at

someone suggested that I probably should have installed the SSD in bios raid mode with all the otheres disconnected, and in the end connect the others

do you agree I should try this ?

thks in advance
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  1. AHCI mode should work fine. RAID is only required if any of the drives are already configured to run in RAID mode.
  2. RAID only matters if you tell several drives to work together. If you still run single disc, it automatically runs in AHCI mode.
  3. Update:

    I sort it out. Thing here is first W7 has to be installed on the SSD with bios setting RAID. Also before setting disk parameters on the w/ setup I loaded the driver included on the Rapid Intel matrix storage drivers. In the end with installation stabilized connected the raid 0 tein hard disks, made sure the boot sequence is always SSD first and it worked !

    In the end the ssd tweaker tool reports AHCI is not enabled but maybe it is not acknowledging the raid ssd status (not part of the matrix). I checked and trim is enabled and working

    All I can say its an impressive update even when comparing to a hard disk raid 0, and I can only go up to sata2 performance.

    This is the AS SSD bench

    260 247
    22,7 76
    182,7 104,67
    0,076 0,040
    232 205

    So I´d say not bad at all for a 6 year old motherboard running on sata2 right ?

    Now I am not sure if I should update the chipset drivers. Latest asus maximus formula or rampage formula chipset drivers (my bios is rampage´s, meaning its compatible and allows fine tuning of the RAM channel sub commands) are from mid 2009. My W7 is latest sp1 updated.

    What u think, should I ?

    all is working great, not sure if I should mess with
  4. No, dont upgrade.
  5. ok

    thks that was pretty summed up lol
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