SSD Raid 0 or PCI-E SSD

Looking for some stiorage hardware advice for Enterprise level FEA (Ansys)

The bulk of our disk operations are alternate 128k read and writes.

I am struggling to make up my mind between a PCI-E based SSD (e.g. OCZ RevoDrive 3 or Intel 910 SSD) and a PCI 3.0 Raid controller (suggestions on a suitable and available card would be appreciated) with 8 x 256Mb Samsung 840 pros hanging of it in a raid-0 config. It would be a scratch disk for Ansys and could be wiped before each run.

Suggestions / advice appreciated.

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  1. revodrive 3 x 2 if budget is not an issue the good ones that are fastest on market is around $1,000 for 300gb and is the best for dependability. use 2 ssd's with raid 0 config if budget is concern. it won't beat the revo 3x2 nor will it be as dependable but it's second best.
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