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NZXT HALE 90 750W M vs Antec TP 750W Blue

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November 21, 2010 7:08:40 PM

Hallo to all at Tom's!

I have decided to purchase a new PSU as my current one (Zalman 600HP) has become the bane of my computer!
Under considerations for current an future expansion of my rig, I have concluded that a 750W PSU will suit my needs
for the next few years.

Now I am an aerospace engineer, which mean I could probably give some nifty advice regarding heat transfer, cases and cooling products quality and materials quality, and some good advice on air flow an circulation...
In the electronics department I'm fairly knowledgeable, but no engineer....(Although I knew some of teh advance tricks for really checking a PSU)

As for cases both companies produce excellent products ( My little bro has the NZXT Tempest for 2 years now, not a single problem except the occasional cleaning, and my good friend has the Antec 1200 - again same thing as the Tempest, I myself
received as a gift the ThermalTake armor+ a year ago - had to replace all the fans twice and had to curve bigger grill holes and mount all the fans with long screws (as far as possible from the grill holes) since TT haven't heard about whistling due to poorly calculated fan speed/fan range from hole to grill hole size flux ratio. I finally replaced it with the new NZXT white Phantom and like the tempest, no complaint so far)

But as for PSUs...

I've came across the two above mentioned PSUs and both received good reviews and both are in my desired price range (up to 150 bucks) however thanks to Tom's great expose on the PSU market I need some advice regarding their respective true manufacturers: Seasonic for Antec and TopoPower ( or ePower) for NZXT.

I've found many favorable reviews and user comments regarding Seasonic products, but as for TopoPower I've found none (positive or negative)

I'd like to thank all those who would help my tip the balance and decide on one of them ( other good models would be gladly considered as well )

P.S. I know the NZXT is fairly new and that they are themselves seldomly enter the PSU market but again and that Antec has a fairly good track record but again, both received quite good reviews.

Thanks again for everyone

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November 21, 2010 9:38:51 PM

I hope you are in usa for pricing.

I would pick neither of those and go with a seasonic, pc power and cooling, corsair, or enermax As they are the top tier of psu. Antec and several others slightly below (IMO) This refers to their range or products.. Specific models by other brands may also be very good but it requires research to determine this.

My top choice/deal
for 110-10%(today only) -10$ MIR = 89$+free shipping

of the 2 you listed Id go with antec simply because they have been in the business a long time and have a good reputation.

if you hate rebates
this pc power and cooling psu is amazing and is 80+ silver certified for efficiency
(Efficiency: Typical load 88% Efficiency)
120+free ship.. prob save you a couple dollars a year in electricity

there are many other options and the best brands are only slightly more if you find a deal.


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November 21, 2010 10:41:55 PM

rand_79, XFX. seasonic, PCP&C, Antec(besides some older PSUs), NZXT, Corsair and Enermax are all good.

However, if you want to save some money in comparison to the $146 HALE90 and the $117.90 Antec TP-750, I would recommend the Corsair HX750w at newegg for $100 after a $30 promotional code (EMCZZZT54) and a $20 mail in rebate.
The promo code does expire tomorrow, however this PSU is better than the TP 750 and just as good as the HALE 90.
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November 21, 2010 11:16:24 PM

Both are good but suffer with few basic issues.. The Antec model has so many hardwired cables that there is no point of it being a modular unit.. The NZXT unit, with its white aesthetics, looks to have come straight out of a hospital bed.. If you can overlook these issues, then both are good.. My personal recommendation however goes to the XFX 850W Black Edition.. Yes it does has comic aesthetics but the pricing is good along with excellent performance numbers..
November 22, 2010 4:54:21 AM

I've had my Antec TP-750 (mine's the "Blue" version) for a year and a half now. No problems, plenty of power.
My specs:
Raidmax Smilodon case
Antec TP-750 Blue
AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE @ 3.2GHz
4GB(2 x 2GB) Mushkin Enhanced DDR3 1600 RAM
HIS Radeon HD 4890 1GB
Seagate 7200.12 1TB HD
Windows 7 Ultimate
Lite-On iHas424-98 DVD Burner
December 2, 2010 7:58:12 PM

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