Help setting up Windows in RAID SSD

I just bought 2 kingston 240gb SSDS. I want to set up raid 0. I go into the bios and in the sata configuration I select raid mode. I save reboot and press Ctrl and I and I get nothing. I want to put my OS in the raid. My motherboard is an asus maximus v formula. Bios is updated to the latest version. i ran out of ideas on what to do.
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  1. I have watched this video before. After I set the raid in the bios and save and reset there is never the prompt to hit Ctrl and I. I still press Ctrl I and nothing. I can't get to the raid bios at all. I have followed the video step by step and still nothing.
  2. hmmmm... i am not sure what the issue is wait for more replies sorry.
  3. Thank you bigcyco1.
  4. Solved. I cleared the CMOS and it finally worked. Thank you again bigcyco1
  5. That's great glad you figured it out. :)
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