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Im doing a new build and i want to know if this motherboard can run SLI,i already know it can do crossfire but when i look in the msi webside it says SLI N/A but like u can see in the newegg it says B3 Ready, Military Class, UEFI, SLI, Crossfire but not in the mis webside,but in the reviews there ppl saying that the "The board is SLI capable, but there is no SLI bridge included" so that this mean if i put in x2 560ti they wont work with out the bridge? sorry im not good with motherboards:( if any help plz
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  1. No sli for that board. You need the bridge and the right board chipset.
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    Since you're looking for a new board without even telling us what are the uses for it, I guess you have not bought anything that goes along with it yet.

    Look at the new Asrock Fatal!ty AMD 990-FX board. It got quad-crossfireX, Triple-CrossfireX, CrossfireX, quad-SLI and SLI compatibility. Also got 100% nippon capacitors like better brand mobos. It also got an UEFI.

    Nvidia's SLI doesn't come close to AMD's crossfire scalability and muti-monitor support. It would cost you less money buying an AMD board/CPU/graphic card combo than any other brands, unless you plan to overclock (that which I doubt since you are asking a noob question).
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  4. I own this board and it actually does do SLI, just need to buy a $10 sli bridge from amazon or ebay. Easy install and setup.
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