Hello,yesterday I have face a new problem,I am getting no sound from windows.
My PC-Intel C2Q 2.5Ghz,Gigabite-EG41MFT-US2H,ATI HD 5670,PSU 500W,HDD-500GB,RAM-2GBDDR3,Samsung DVD-RW.
I have Dual OS on my system(Win 7 64,Win XP 32).I am runnig those OS for mounths without any problem.But yesterday when I going to play audio songs(In win 7),there was no sound.I have a old working speaker & few headphones.I try them all but get no sound output.Then I go to my OS XP.There my speaker woring normally.I thought that my win7 driver got damaged.So i uninstall & re-install my Realtech audio driver.But no result.At last I search google & found that checking option "disable front jack detection " in Realtech software I can solve my problem.I do so & my problem is solved.But I don't want to disable that option.What is the problem?can any one help me?
Please tell me how can I solve this problem without Disable my jack detection.Thank you
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  1. Hm, weird. Does it work if you simply don't have anything plugged into the front jacks?
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