I am man with problems.After buying a new computer I have a tons of problem.My main problem is restating.Previously I have post a article in this site & got many replay
For more information about my problem click hare----

After months my PC problem was solve by my pc seller(I have warranty).They just update my BIOS & problem got solved.My pc runs 10 Days without any problem.But my pc start restart from 11th day.But from that day I solve my problem by following ways-

1.At first restart time I just update my BIOS & solve my problem.
2.Second restart time I update my BIOS but no result.Then change Ram slot & problem solved.
3.This time I just remove my battery(Motherboard) & insert it again(After some minutes) then update my BIOS.Then my problem is solve for that time
4.This time I just remove my battery(Motherboard) & insert it(New one) again(After some minutes) then update my BIOS & problem solved
5.This time I just remove my battery(Motherboard) & insert it again (After some minutes) & solve my problem.

I not think PSU is the problem & I have already buy a new battery(Which i used in 4Th time).And also note my date & time changing (After some days) automatically .If you want to have more detail about my pc or my problem click the link above that I give.

Please help me!!!!
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  1. How many BIOS updates does your motherboard manufacturer release? That you update them so frequently. :D

    You just mentioned what you do when you have restarts. I would be better if you let us know what you were doing when the PC restarts like playing games, watching movies. I checked your rig from the link you posted, i am most certain its your PSU that is causing the problem.
  2. Where are you from?

    If this thing is still under warranty, take it back and tell them it hasn't worked since you bought and you want it fixed or you want your money back.
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