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I currently have an X58 ICH10R Motherboard, Dell XPS Studio 435MT and here are my specs:

Intel i7 920 @ 3.0Ghz OC
4GB DDR3 1333 OCZ Gold Edition PC3-10666
Dell 435MT XPS Studio Motherboard
750 Watt Kingwin MK Black Series PSU

Ok so my question is my motherboard is triple channel channel mb and right now I've been using 2x2gb ocz gold for 4gb ddr3 1333mhz. I just ordered another 2 sticks of the OCZ Gold 2x2gb 1333mhz chips so I will have 8gb ddr3 1333mhz ocz gold memory. I noticed my board is triple channel, so what would be my best bet now since I have 4x2 8gb ddr3 1333mhz. Should I get another 2 chips so I have the 5th and 6th slots taken care of and true triple channel memory or will I be ok with 4x2gb ddr3 1333mhz pc3-10666 memory for now?

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  1. You are losing some performance by running your ram in pairs instead of triples.

    It's not something you would probably really notice though except in a benchmark.
  2. You'll be ok if you choose the right slots for all four. Most x58 boards will run in dual channel mode with 2/3 of the slots populated.
  3. My memory slots are numbered 1-6, and so far I put the memory in 1 and 2 so the slots are like this right now from left to right...

    x1 x2 xx

    1 and 2 being the memory chips, the motherboard memory lanes are numbered like this: 41 52 63

    so what do you guys suggest for when I get my other 2 2gb 1333 chips, just put in the right order 3 and 4 and should I get another 2 chips so I got 6x chips for true triple channel?
  4. To get the true triple channel when I have 4x2 gb ddr3 1333 pc3-10666 chips for 8gb ddr3 1333, should I just get another 2 1gb chips or 2gb chips so I am using all the lanes?

    geekapproved said:
    You are losing some performance by running your ram in pairs instead of triples.

    It's not something you would probably really notice though except in a benchmark.
  5. For instance if I purchased these 2 1gb OCZ 1333 pc3-10666 chips for my computer I'd have 10gb ocz ddr3 1333mhz triple channel memory, all channels would be in use. Would that be good?
  6. I'm pretty sure for X58, all the dimms need to be alike sizes.
  7. All dims need to be the same size to run in dual/triple mode--otherwise it'll run in ganged mode, which is slower.

    If you want maximum performance, run in triple mode with 3x 2GB sticks for 6GB total.

    Run Memtest86+ from a usb stick to compare your throughput with various configurations.

    If you don't care about performance and only need more memory for virtual machines or something like that, then use 8GB. You could buy another 2 sticks and have 12GB of ram, but more than 4GB isn't gonna help you with gaming. And this RAM's not that fast--if you buy a whole bunch of RAM, it may as well be the faster stuff.
  8. 1333 mhz isn't slow really by any means, and what I am going to do is get another 2 sticks of 2gb 1333 ddr3 so I have the 12gb 6x triple channel setup, but for now I'm going to use 3x2gb 6gb ddr3 1333 triple channel for now.
  9. I'm just saying that you're buying all this RAM and it's only really useful for specific tasks. It won't help anything for day-to-day computer use or gaming. So don't buy a third set unless you're doing one of those specific tasks where it's helpful such as running a bunch of virtual machines.
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