My LG DVD writer is not working please help

Whenever I insert a blank disc in my drive it gives message "Make sure that the disc format you are using is supported by windows, the disc seems to be unformatted please format it"
What shall I do to resolve this problem.
Moreover it does read a written disc. But does not allow me to write anything on the blank space existing. It doesn't even show the blank space.!! Please help!
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  1. It looks like its time may be up! The lifespan of a DVD writer is not what it used to be, but then again their prices aren't either. It's probably just done all the writing it's gonna do. A new DVD writer costs like $20, your best bet is to just replace it.
  2. Are you sure there's nothing I can do?
  3. Is the disc you are attempting to write to a DVD+R (or -R) or a DVD+RW (or -RW)? If it is a rewriteable disc you may need to format it first. If it is not a rewriteable disc then it may be, as ngrego suggested, time to replace the drive. Have you tried another disc or a disc from another manufacturer to test whether or not it is the disc and not the drive?
  4. Optical drives are "simple" devices for an OS to handle, meaning that an OS can handle them eaisily without the need of particular drivers or software. That is why even during the boot process before the OS has loaded the system knows what the optical drive (CD/DVD) is and can handle it. So if and when you see that there is a problem with an optical drive it almost always (99.9% of the time) is finished. Lucky for us though with probably a fraction of what we paid for the last one we can upgrade it for a newer and faster model.
  5. Guys, I tried everything!! installing the driver again, trying other discs. But same result. Although it can read a written disc. But can't write!!
    I think I should buy a new one!! :(
    Anyways, thanks for suggestions!! :)
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