HIS IceQ H567Q1GD Radeon HD 5670 PROBLEM

Hey guys. I bought this card the other day:


I have a motherboard with integrated graphics, so I bought this to upgrade. When it came, I downloaded the drivers off the enclosed cd and uninstalled the ones for my integrated card, as the instructions asked. When I installed the card and booted up my machine, the screen went black immediately. It didn't even show me the basic startup or anything. Just black as soon as I boot up the computer. Does anyone know what the problem is? I touched the card after my comp had been on for awhile and it wasn't warm at all.. Is it a power supply problem or something?
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  1. I also am not sure how to disable my onboard graphics...
  2. What motherboard do you have?
  3. In BIOS, there's an option to disable your onboard...
    Try looking up a little bit... :)
  4. Its not the 1.0/2.1 issue, so it should just be the BIOS setting.
  5. I went into the bios and told it to make the PCIe slot the primary card (which was what it was plugged into). When I boot up, black screen...
  6. Try feeding the monitor from one of the other video ports of the card. The one you are using may not be set as primary, which you won't be able to change until you install the Ati control panel.
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