Hey, I have an old gateway that was purchased in 2006. It hasn't been working for a while, but i have just gotten around to troubleshooting it now.
When I try to boot the system, I get the error "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter."

I do not have the original operating system CDs.

I have tried booting with a different SATA hard drive (the gateway one is an IDE ) from a working computer, and the computer boots, but only into safe mode.

Also, the BIOS is not detecting the Gateway hard drive, but when I put it in a different system, the computer will recognize it and show all of its files.

What is wrong, any suggestions?
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  1. On which HDD is the OS installed? And what is selected as the primary boot device in BIOS?
  2. It's normally caused by a problem with your boot order. If you've got the optical drive or floppy drive set higher than the hard drive and there are non-bootable discs in these drives you'll get this error on some systems. Many modern BIOS setups will skip to the next device in the boot order if the disc isn't bootable, but older ones aren't always this intelligent and simply complain that you've put in the wrong disc. I ran into this many times years ago when I forgot that I left a floppy disc in.
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