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Problem with Tom's June performance build (crossfire BIOS boot)

Hello all,

I built Tom's performance build (,2961.html) and it was working fine until I added the second Radeon 6970 in crossfire.

Now the ASRock Z68 always boots into BIOS as if I pressed F2 and the only way to get beyond it is "exit and discard changes." After I do this it boots in to windows and everything appears to be running fine (crossfire works well and everything is stable). When I'm in BIOS it gives me Dr. Debug A6 error which says SCSI Detect (this goes away after I exit BIOS). I have hooked up all the power, including the extra 12V to the motherboard for xfire.

Any ideas?

Are there specific settings that I should check in BIOS for crossfire?

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    So, if anyone else is having this problem, I managed to get it running by doing the following:

    1.) swapped the cards (put graphics card 1 where card 2 was and 2 where 1 was).
    2.) Removed the CMOS battery to clear CMOS (apparently the button doesn't clear all of the settings)

    After doing this at the same time and reconfiguring BIOS on the next boot it works fine! Not sure which did the trick, but because you have to remove the graphics card on the Z68 board to get to the CMOS battery I just did them both at once.

    Hope this helps if anyone else has this problem.
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