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** Tried to include as much info as possible if TLDR theres a summary at bottom**

I have a 500gb hdd that came with my samsung laptop.
The laptop suddenly 1 day booted with an error message about
possible recent hardware software changes causing an error and asked if i wanted to
boot normally or repair boot..if i click boot normally the screen goes black for a minute or 2 then reboots back to the same menu. If i choose the repair it goes to a loading files screen
then to an empty desktop screen and freezes there indefinitely ( freeze isn't quite correct i can move the mouse pointer but screen is blank no access to anything ctrl alt del cmd prompt etc) The hdd spins , powers on etc. I ran tests on the drive with ultimate boot disk??
(think thats the name) and it reported SEVERAL (over a million) errors.

Now i am just trying to recover data from it. I plugged it into my desktop and when i boot it says something about a S.M.A.R.T error. The hdd is detected in bios and i have bios set to boot from my desktops C drive 1st then cd drive etc but it will not boot to windows with the laptops drive installed.

I tried installing the faulty drive while the desktop was already turned on (not even sure hdd's are hot swap-able?) but then the desktop doesnt detect the drive at all.

In summary laptop drive spins up, if i connect it to desktop while power is off, then turn power
on bios detects it but wont boot, if i connect it after ive booted my desktop hdd spins up but not detected. Is there anyway i can get the data off this thing?

Thanks for reading
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  1. Not much you can do unless you send it off to a repair shop. Will probably cost a few hundred dollars to start and go up form there depending on how much data you need to restore and what the issue is.

    Backups are done BEFORE drive failures.
  2. Go into bios without the drive attached and turn off SMART usually somewhere in the devices part of your bios. Also make sure your main hard drive is the primary boot drive. Then try to boot it with the laptop drive attached. If that doesn't work you've got a problem. You might try an external usb enclosure or one of these gadgets:
  3. Try booting the system up in safe-mode and see if you can regain access to the faulty drive or better, boot with a *live* disk and then try to regain access to the faulty HDD.
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