i purchased an IDE to SATA converter/connector/card, that connects to an IDE DVD drive, w/a sata connector w/cable to the mobo, 4-pin to molex power adapter (the molex end is male) - hmm, just thought about it, perhaps i need to plug another molex connector into the drive - uh, duhhh! that's Got to be why i'm not getting power - the aforementioned connectors only provide power to the card itself - i'll repost if it works or still doesn't work
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  1. Yeap! That was it! They don't tell you TWO molex power connectors are needed! Thank Goodness i had 2 left! As soon as i plugged it in the drive, booted up, i had power! So, it's 4-pin to molex, molex to molex - you will need two
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    Or just use a molex splitter to provide power to both.
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  4. Yeap! i ordered some adapters for my other newly built PC... it's an MSI mobo - i know, not the best, but after some serious tweaking, it's getting better. had to order several splitters: sata to molex, split molex, didn't know which i'd need for the adapter card i'm using in that situation. Wish i'd read this sooner - been perplexed over these PCs... Asus doing GREAT with Windows 7 x64 Pro - another forum to get in on. Thanx again.
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