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Will my Coolermaster V6 GT CPU Cooler fit in an Antec Skeleton? And should I be using the Skeleton as a permanent case?
Thanks in advance! Don't tell me if the case is bad or not, please try and answer just the question. :)
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  1. No idea on the cooler. I wouldn't use the Skeleton as a permanent case. It's supposed to be a test "case", not an everyday case.

    There is a reason that high performance builds come in enclosed cases. The first is to prevent or limit anything from getting in (dust, pet hair, bugs, pets, spilled liquids, whatever). The second is to provide airflow. The fans create a lot of airflow throughout the case, which cools everything. You take that away, and you're leaving a lot of heat floating around the build. Leaving a build in the open air is just inviting trouble to come along and ruin it
  2. I'd like to remove the 'vote' on madadmiral's response, as I tried to vote down, but could not. I'm pretty sure packersfan didn't ask for opinions, and one was offered regardless, and comes off as self-important and 'big-headed'.
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