Monitor problem - blurry areas.

My ASUS 19' 1440x900 monitor is the problem.

It's been working fine up until I decided to boot back into my Vista hard drive and use Vista for a while. Here's the story.

The monitor used to work at the said resolution without any blurry areas. I recently (well several months ago now) installed a 2nd hard drive and installed XP Pro on it since I felt nostalgic. I unplugged the Vista HDD and used the HDD that had XP Pro on it for quite some time.

A few weeks ago, I felt like I wanted to use Vista again, so I unplugged the XP Pro HDD and plugged in the Vista HDD.

To my surprise, a small area on the screen is blurry, it's not clear like the rest of the screen. What's odd is, if I boot into XP Pro, it's works fine and there is no blurry area at all. If I hook up the PC to my HDTV, it's fine again, and on that I run 1920x1080. While hooked up to the PC, I can boot into either OS and there are no blurry spots on the TV.

My video card is an ATI HD 3450.

Any solutions?

Please and thank you.
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  1. Yes, the resolution is set to the maximum (1440x900) it can be. The drivers have remained unchanged.

    I should also mention that it allowed me (through Catalyst Control Center) to change the refresh rate to 75Hz. Now, it's only giving me the option of 60Hz. This was prior to switching to the XP Pro HDD. It's very odd.
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