Screen goes black/crashing with games like Warcraft III and Civilization IV but

Hello, Can somebody please help me? I just assembled a computer and crashes with warcraft 3 and civ 4 but doesnt crash with crysis and starcraft 2. they told me it was a bad stick so i RMAd my ocz's and got corsairs but still crashes! i checked bios and it is in the right config's and it cant be the temperature because my aircon is in full blast and i have fans inside my case. is it still the rams?
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  1. what are the specs of the RAM? and how many sticks? this sounds like what happens when you have 1.65V RAM and leave the voltage setting in the BIOS on "auto," so it supplies 1.5V.

    Probably the most common cause of random crashing and freezing in new machines, but very easy to fix if that is indeed your problem.

    this is the RAM that I have. it's actually 1.5v. I paid a visit in BIOS and you're right that it's in Auto config.
  3. will it hurt if I try to change it to 1.65v?
  4. 1.65V probably won't hurt it in the short term, but it won't help either and over time it can make the RAM wear out faster. Try taking it off of auto and setting it to 1.5V and see if that does anything. Hard to say, though. Most motherboards should be able to handle two sticks of regular 1.5V on auto, since that's pretty much what auto was designed for.

    At this point, it's hard to say without knowing the full specs of the rest of your system. It still sounds like a RAM problem, but voltage seems less likely, and you'd have to be extremely unlucky to get two bad sets of RAM in a row.

    In particular, it would be good to know what kind of motherboard you have (please don't tell me it's made by Intel). Next wold be the PSU, but pretty much anything you can tell us would help.
  5. my PSU is thermaltake 650w. and my motherboard is a gigabyte GA-870A UD3. thanks a lot for your help. will update with what happens when I change my config tomorrow morning.

    one more thing, is it possible that corsair makes the same specs for these RAM's but in different voltage or is it really just in 1.5v? coz i bought this one in a different store not in newegg. maybe i bought a 1.65volted ram, but just maybe. Thanks!
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