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I am looking to build a new PC. I am wondering what is my best choice for display card with around $150 budget?

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  1. you should be able to find the ATI 5770 at that price range. perfect for 1600x900 resolution gaming. just get a good 375w+ PSU.
  2. Yep. HD 5770.
  3. Thanks for the above answers. At least a few years ago, ATI didn't have good linux support as compared to Nvidia. I am wondering if that's still the case?
  4. i don't use linux. from what I read, there is still an issue. now if its true or just a label ATI can't shake is another topic. your best bet would be to check the linux forum on Tom's.
  5. as i was told on the linux forum that nvidia cards have far better linux support, I am wondering if anyone can recommend a nvidia card that is about $150

    thanks a lot again :)
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    you could look for a GTX 260, you would need a solid 500w PSU

    there is no warranty on that card, BFG is going out of business but you do get the newegg 30days warranty.

    otherwise look for a GTS 250 at around $100-110.
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