Good PSUs for a Phenom II/Radeon 5770 system?

Hi all,

Can anyone advise me on what sort of PSU I should be looking at buying for the system I am in the process of putting together? The basic specs are-

Phenom II X4 3.2GHz (might drop to an Athlon II X4 depending on budget)
Radeon HD 5770
1 TB hard drive

I have used a power supply calculator, which suggests I should be fine with a 420W PSU (it gave a total power draw of about 330W), but I would like to build a little bit of redundancy in for safety and to allow for upgrades. Also, I understand that certain graphics cards can draw a lot of extra power and put stress on underpowered PSUs.

Would an Antec Neo Eco 520C (520W) be okay in this build? Or alternatively, I was thinking of spending a little extra on a Corsair VX550 (550W) as this brand seems to have a very good reputation. If possible, though, I would like to keep the cost of the build down - I'd even be willing to drop down to a 420W unit if people think that would be sufficient.

What do people think?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. Antec is good, Corsair VX450 is also good (500W real power), VX 550, but this Seasonic is a great PSU for the money and better than those:
  2. This is true from reading in the Tom's forum the Seasonic seems to be the brand of choice, im from SA and these PSUS are not availabe in our country :pfff: so as too that i have not had any personal experience with these PSUS i do however know that Corsair is very reliable and gives you a true power output as to what you may need. I tend to lean slightley more towards the Corsair brand as there physical build is much neater as well as robust.
  3. go for corsair vx 550 watts its very much reliable
  4. In actual, the Corsair CX 400 can power your system quite efficiently.. Its quite cheap as well.. The VX 450/550 however are better units.. If there is not much difference between prices, then obviously go for the VX 550.. If however, the price difference little big and going for the 550 somewhere means that you need to drop down to the Athlon II, then just get the VX 450 and keep the Phenom II..
  5. Thanks for the replies! I think at this point I'll try and stretch the budget to include both the Phenom II and the Corsair 550W. If needed I'll drop back to the Corsair 450W or the Antec 520W.
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