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Hey guys, i'm completely new to building computers, and just need a few questions answered. First, I would like to know if all of these parts are compatible and i'm not missing anything. I don't want to find out that the power supply isn't strong enough to power the graphics card, or the power cable is missing completely or something crazy lol. I also would like to know if there is a place to plug in an HDMI cable to the computer so I can use my TV as a monitor. Also, any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Most of it's alright, you just had DDR2 memory linked though.

    This is the board I recommend instead:
    ASRock 870 Extreme3:

    And this memory kit ($40 more expensive but twice the capacity and compatible, lol):

    I'd also choose this PSU instead of the Fatal1ty:

    Otherwise it looks ok. The HD 5850 you linked does have an HDMI port, so you can use that to connect to your TV.
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