Cant play SC2, can someone help me out?

Hello,I tried Star craft 2 but it was really laggy
here is my information

Nvidia geforce 6150 SE
3.00GB RAM
AMD Phenom triple-core processor
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  1. You need a real GPU. Whats your budget?
  2. 200$ about
  3. well you have two issues and timop mentioned one. SCII like a fast dual core CPU. the old Phenom triple cores are anything but fast. do you know what the make and model of your PC is?
  4. HP pavilion a6618f
  5. the GT 240 performed well in SCII beta

    it will run on your PSU. the ATI 5670 is an overall better card but the GT240 outperformed it those particular benchmarks.
  6. 2.2Ghz Tri-core is still bad though. your board supports phenoms up-to 95W though, so look on ebay for a 7750/8750/9850 or even a cheap 6000+, platform overhaul is doable also for around ~$220.
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