Asus p5kpl-am se

my problem

Chassis intruded !
Fatal Error ... System Halted.
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  1. Did you read the manual?

    I found this in the manual I found online:

    "Chassis intrusion connector (4-1 pin CHASSIS)
    This connector is for a chassis-mounted intrusion detection sensor or switch. Connect
    one end of the chassis intrusion sensor or switch cable to this connector. The chassis
    intrusion sensor or switch sends a high-level signal to this connector when a chassis
    component is removed or replaced. The signal is then generated as a chassis intrusion
    By default , the pin labeled “Chassis Signal” and “ Ground” are shorted with a jumper
    cap. Remove the jumper caps only when you intend to use the chassis intrusion
    detection feature. "

    Sounds like you removed the jumper. Also sounds like all you need to do is put the jumper back (or find another jumper to replace it).
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