Ext' drive wont accept 4gb+or more

Hi people,
Got a Intenso 750gb USB external hard drive.......fine.
Use it for DVD backup, photos ect.......fine.
Tried to transfer my Dad's box set Blu Ray of Star Wars......not fine.
Each file aprox' 4gb+ , but when i try to transfer from my Aspire 6920 blu ray laptop with Win 7 64 bit, 4gb ram, a error message says, (is to large for the destination file system).
My file system is FAT 32 on hard drive.
I know you can use file splitters but hope there is a easier, simpler way.
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  1. Format the drive to NTFS then you will no longer have this issue.
  2. I,ve 300gb+ on drive, is there a way to change without loosing data Elmo_2006 . I don't have any where to put my stuff.
  3. You can try using a third party software whereby the drive will be converted from FAT32 to NTFS however all data that is of importance should be backed up regardless. If you are short on the $$$, you may want to borrow a drive from an alternate family member or friend.

    Or you may be able to backup most of the data to the system drive if drive space permits of course.


  4. Thanks Elmo_2006
    It was kind of staring me in the face wasn't it doh!
  5. Please refer to my edit above....seems like you can convert from within Windows however you will need to ensure you have enough drive space available.
  6. Thanks
    used partition magic !
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