Rendering - amd phenom x6 or intel i5

im a architect student and im trying to choose a cpu for my desktop,

im mainly using this for rendering in revit/cad/maya/3d etc...

which one would be better?,
if not any of these is there others that would be at best at rendering

AMD Phenom™II X6 1090T
Intel i5 760
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  1. If you're going to consider renderring, correct me if i'm wrong but the more cores you have the better it will satisfy your needs. If I were you i'd get a dual socket motherboard and have two of those Phenoms, also maximize your RAM. Dual socket motherboards can support as much 64 Gigs of ram, depending on the vendor. Also a thing you have to take in account is your GPU, all of your renderring will be done mostly through your GPU, you either want a Nvidia Quadro series or TESLA, or AMD's FirePro series, these graphics cards provide the best when renderring. Best of luck to you
  2. Im inclined to say the AMD X6 purely becuase theres 6 cores vs 4, although im more a fan of Intel and personally would stick with Intel.

    v1zzle his choices make it obvious he has a limited budget
  3. Either way, the 1090T is faster for rendering.

    However, if you had money to throw away, the 6 Core i7 is by far the fastest processor on the market - bar the Xeons and the 12 core Opterons.

    As v1zzle said, your GFX are most important. The brand new Firepro 9700 is BLISTERINGLY fast. See the review on the THW home page.
  4. Actually the graphics card is only important for rendering the image in the viewports, the final rendering (and the most resource and time demanding one) is done on the CPU. Since he's an architect student, any professional graphics card would be overkill because he won't be modeling/rendering organic objects which are the most demanding models for the graphic card.

    As for the processor get the AMD because it has six cores. Or, as deadjon suggested, get the six core i7.
  5. If you are working with a limited budget, then you can save yourself some cash and go for the X6 1055T.. As for the graphics part, Horhe as explained it correctly.. Unless you are working with huge texture data and high polymer count, a professional video card solution will be unnecessary..
  6. ahh,
    thanks for all the advice
    im gonna go for the amd 6core

    yeh sadly with limited budget,
    thats what u get for being an architect student
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