Brand new compuer runs slow

I have built a new desktop using an asus 750i motherboard (new), bfg gts 250 1gb gddr3(new),250gb hard drive, two gigs kingston ram, and an intel pentium d dual core processor 2.66 ghz. I salvaged the hard drive the processor and the ram from my old system and i put a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

On the first run generally everything moved slow. i could not even check my email without having a delay. watching videos are also slow, it sticks every second with now smooth playtime. also i installed call of duty 4, (not the least bit demanding) and it cant even run this on the least graphics settings.

what could be the problem here and how do i fix it ?
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  1. Not exactly running with modern hardware, but have you updated all of the drivers? Specifically the video card driver? Use HW monitor and post your temps at idle then load your system up with prime 95 and furmark and post your load temsp, you might be overheating and heat throttling.

    The older 250GB hard drive is going to be quite slow compared to a modern drive, there was quite a significant difference for me going from a 250GB Seagate 7200.10 to a 1TB WD Caviar black.
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