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USB 3 card seems awfully slow

I have a W7 64 bit PC that I added a ROSEWILL RC-505 R USB 3 card and ran a Tripp Lite U360-004-R R hub from it. Most of my transferring is from a 2 Tb Barracuda @7200 RPM onto a USB 3 WD My Passport and my typical speeds are in the area of 60MB/s. Thats seems awfully slow for a USB 3.
I have updated all firmware, so I guess this is as good as it gets?
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    Have you tested the transfer speeds without the hub? Is the Barracuda drive an internal drive?
  2. I didnt think to check straight from the card...about 3x faster, and yes the Barracudas are internal HDD's.
    Clearly that hub slows thing down.
    Thanks for the reply, it was helpful
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