Compatibility getting ready for blu ray

hey everyone, i ran a test on my friends computer for blu ray compatibility and here is the log

so from this log it looks to me like he needs a new video card.

so im on newegg, and im looking at

as far as price, and the good rating. but Im not sure what this 2.1 pci express is, and if my friends motherboard
which is

can handle 2.1 specifically, this motherboard is pci express 16x. but i do not see 2.1,
will the video card from new egg, listed above, work on the motherboard, listed above?

and if so, will the video card listed above handle blue ray properly?
thank you
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  1. Just try it without the GPU, the CPU might be able to decode it fine.
  2. im sorry could you explain what you mean, try the test without the gpu? i know it will play blue ray but i want to get real blue ray experience, not converted analog ...
  3. Converted analog? Where did you get that?

    You really don't need a GPU to handle Blue-ray, a modern CPU should handle the decoding just fine, just less efficient.

    Use the existing X1300 and see if it stutters, the quality of the video should be more or less the same, just without some post-processing feature that a newer card may offer, no matter what, its still 100% digital.
  4. lol i read something about a video card can still play blu ray but youre really getting blu ray out of it just because you can watch the blu ray film.. and i thought it said something like converted analog lol.. sorry im propably mistaken. ok, my friend has
    for his processor, you think if he just buys a blu ray drive, that he will get real blu ray quality?
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    He should, the Core 2 duo is not a bad processor. But Im not 100% sure though.

    Thats why I'm suggesting just getting the blu-ray drive now and try playing something. If the video doesn't studder/pixelate then there's no need for a new GPU.

    Blu-ray quality would be the same no matter how old the system is, the thing that changes is just how well it plays.
  6. yeah i was thinking the same thing but im told it dont matter if it plays, if i dont have a video card that will display in 1080p then its simply not blu ray.. and if his monitor is not 1080p its simply not blu ray, that it may play and look nice but its not the full potential of what blu ray is supposed to be . thanks for the help guys
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