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Need cabinet psu suggestion

Suggest me a cabinet for phenom 2 965BE processor with 450W SMPS and good cooling below Rs2500?
I want to buy a pc with the specifications
Phenom 2 965BE
Gigabyte 880GM ud2h mobo
corsair 2GB ddr3 ram
Seagate 1TB hdd

I am confused with the cabinet
I need a 450W cabinet which can keep my pc cool
i also will add a ati radeon card 5850 by mar 2011 so do not want to buy a new cabinet with SMPS so
Please give some suggestion
I am a bit tight on budget so need a good one also and at medium range.
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  1. If that budget is for case + power supply, you are in a fix.. Its too low to fetch a good case alone.. You've to go to your local dealers and sort out your options there.. There are plenty generic cases available in the market which come with power supplies.. An honest suggestion though, either increase your budget (to atleast get a good power supply) or try getting a good second hand deal on some quality stuff.. For prices and options, you can check out and
  2. Buy the Phenom II X4 955 it's the same CPU and cheaper. You can also buy the Athlon II X3 or X4, those are very good for gaming and cheaper. Don't buy a cheap PSU that comes in a case, you need a good PSU for that video card. Don't buy anything below this one:

    Then buy the HD 6850, it's cheaper and has a lower power consumption.
  3. If i only need a power supply in budget of Rs 2000 which should i buy?
    I have a tricom cabinet with 300W p4 power supply with one psu fan.
    I think i will keep the cabinet and change power supply and try adding a fan or two in the cabinet.
    Will my current power supply support the specifications if i am not buying the graphic now and later change the power supply when i get the cabinet?
  4. As I said, the AthlonII X3 or X4 are very good for gaming.,review-31906.html
    You can also get a cheaper motherboard.

    I don't know if you can power your PC with the old PSU if you get the 125W Phenom II X4 but it might work. In Rs 2000 there's no PSU that can power your future video card, the cheapest is that one above. Found some other site
  5. Your current nameless psu is not going to be able to handle the HD 5850.. May I ask which city in India do you reside in.?
  6. Thanks for the reply.
    I have contacted my vendor and he has agreed to fit a coolermaster 400W psu for Rs 2300. Do i need to increase the power supply or is it enough?
    Also i am adding two fans in the cabinet to control the heat. Will this all be enough?
    Or do i need to take care of some more factors?
    Final configuration as follows:-

    Phenom 2 965BE
    Gigabyte 880GM ud2h mobo
    corsair 2GB ddr3 ram
    Seagate 1TB hdd
    ati radeon card 5850
    tricom cabinet with 2 fans
    coolermaster psu 400W.

    Please suggest if any further changes need to be done in term of psu or any other?
    Dont want to downgrade the processor.
  7. Unfortunately if its a an Extreme Power Plus series, then i say you have made quite a blunder. That is not a good PSU. The least you could have done is to wait for advices to come in and then buy.

    The bare minimum would be Corsair VX450W with a little headroom for the fans. That comes around 3600 INR approx.

    Ideally the 400W watt PSU should handle a HD5850 without overclocking.

    Here's a review of the PSU:

    Which city are you in?
  8. I have not bought the psu yet. i just went to discuss this with my vendor. He suggested this power supply thats why posted it to know about it?
    Can you now suggest some options?
  9. I also found this 500w psu over the net.
    Is this a good option?
  10. Also give suggestion on this one:
    Gigabyte GE-R460-V1
    Are gigabyte power supply good?
  11. Hi rahul_3253,

    If they are available to you, it is best to get a Seasonic or Corsair like the one you have listed, those are the highest quality PSU's out there. If you are trying to stay within a tight budget you have have to consider other options, maybe a XFX or Antec PSU if you can find those.
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    @Rahul: I suggest you go over Lynx-India shop. Place an order online and pick up the product from the shop.

    The prices are somewhat cheap there.

    The CX one's are pretty new to be commented on and are not up to the Corsair regular standards. Do not ever crib on a PSU spend on it handsomely and reap the long term benefits. Its the main component that keeps your PC working.

    Gigabyte PSU's are just barely entry level PSU's and pretty average.
  13. Thanks hell_storm2004
    From the link u provided i found this in my range:-
    Corsair 430W Power Supply Model - CMPSU-430CX

    Brand CORSAIR
    Model CMPSU-430CX
    Series Builder Series CX430
    Type ATX12V v2.3
    Maximum Power 430W
    Fans 1 x ultra-quiet 120mm fan
    Input Voltage90 - 264 V
    Output +3.3V@20A, +5V@20A, +12V@28A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@3A

    Is this any good for my pc or not?
  14. hell_storm2004 said:
    The CX one's are pretty new to be commented on and are not up to the Corsair regular standards.

    VX450W is way better. Tried and tested solution.
  15. there is corsair cx430 & CX500 power supply also available. which will suit my requirement?
    Is 430 enough or not?
  16. Read my above post please.
  17. Thanks for all your help guys.
    Sorry guys Changing the configuring a bit went over the budget.
    Phenom2 x3 720BE
    Confused with mobo want to buy the cheapest available with little onboard graphics(around Ati 3200HD or 4200HD or 4250HD)
    corsair 2GB ddr3 ram
    Seagate 1TB hdd
    Corsair CX 500W
    ati radeon 5570 (will it play gta4?)
    PLz suggest any changes if required for this pc. I dont need a high end pc just a simple pc for daily working and playing some games.
  18. will this configuration is enough to run till available xbox games in meduim to low setting?
  19. AGAIN, get a cheaper CPU AND a better video card instead. The video card plays your games not the CPU.
  20. Can anyone suggest me a good nvidia graphic card comparable to the ati radeon 5770 or 5670?
    I have also taken these three mobo plz suggest which is better?
    gigabyte GA ma785GM us2h
    Asus m4a785TD-V EVO
    Asrock m3a785GXH/128M
    Plz give some suggestion as well.
    Will it be ok if i use nvidia graphic card with amd processors and mobo?
  21. Hey rahul,

    A good Nvidia card is the GeForce GTX 460 1gb.
    I would suggest going with the Asus Motherboard.
    Yes those parts will all work fine together.

  22. Out of your selected options, the Asus motherboard would be my pick.. Since you are opting for Nvidia video card, you can try and get a board featuring SLI such as the Asus M4A98TD.. In any case, there is no performance hindrance when running a Nvidia card on AMD motherboard.. As for the card recommendations, the GTS 450 is the Nvidia equivalent to the HD 5670/5770.. I'd however recommend you to opt for the GTX 460..
  23. What would you suggest about the asrock motherboard is it not good?
    Arrange the three according to your preferences.
    Also the power supply FSP saga II 500 watts SMPS good for the above config?
  24. Thank you friends for all your replies.
    My final config is this:-
    Phenom II x6 1055T
    Asus m4a88TM
    2GB DDR3 corsair ram
    1 TB WD sata 2
    FSP saga II 500W psu.

    Is this system ok for future use wont be changing the pc for around 4-5 yrs?
    Just for work purposes and little gaming.
    Will add a graphic card later in a year around ati radeon 5770. for proper gaming later.
  25. will this config run ps2 games at high settings and xbox 360 games like gta 4 in low or not.
  26. What is your work scenario?? In other words, which software(s) do you intend to work with??
  27. basic softwares required for os like nero , office, etc but all latest versions.
  28. ASUS M4A88T-M AM3 AMD 880G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

    Is this mobo compatible to run x6 processors?
  29. The motherboard is surely compatible with the X6.. However, your stated work scenario is too basic to require the 1055T.. Opt for a lower priced CPU instead and spend the saved cash on getting 4GB of ram and/or a better PSU.. An Athlon II X4 640 or even an Athlon II X3 445 will be a fine choice..
  30. emperus i am thinking of keeping this pc for a minimum of 4-5yrs might add a graphic card at later stages and then put more ram but for now so that i dont need to change system and play decent games like gta san anderes, assasin creed, etc with the mobo onboard graphic 4250 with medium graphics. Is it ok for this purpose or should i change the processor even then?
  31. If you are planning on using the on-board GPU then you have no worries about what processor are going to get, thats is unless you want to get a less expensive CPU to allow you to buy a nice GFX card. With your current setup the on-board GPU will be the BIG limiting factor on your gaming performance and may not be able to play all your games very well or at all. The CPU(Phenom II x6 1055T) will be far more powerful than anything the on-board GPU or a GFX card can throw its way.
  32. can you provide me a cheap am3 mobo around Rs3000 so that i can reduce my cpu price also to atlon2 x3 440 so that i am able to put a graphic card?
    Also thechief73 plz explain the BIG limiting factor and which all games playable with the above onboard graphics 4250.
  33. also thechief73 is the athlon2 x3 440 cpu good for all work like gaming and general(has only 1.5MB L2cache no L3 cache) . Whats the difference b/w the athlon2 and phenom2 series and what is the use of L3 cache in processors
  34. Here is a nice option for an AM3 motherboard you can take a look at:

    The thing is with on-board GFX chips, they are not nearly as powerful as having a GFX card in your PC. If you are concerned about playing modern games with medium to high detail at resolutions higher than 1024x768, you will probably be disappointed in their performance. But if playing current games at higher details is not a concern then you may be OK using just the on-board GFX chips, but that is depending on the game.

    Your getting over my head with the Athlon vs Phenom, I am a Intel guy and do not have a lot of AMD CPU knowledge. But I believe the Phenom is the successor to the Athlon and is geared to give higher performance out of the same clock speeds.

    To put it simply the CPU cache is there to help the CPU to move information to and from the systems RAM memory faster and to help improve speed of CPU instruction processes.
  35. Which of these is a better power supply?
    Cooler Master 500 W eXtreme Power Supply
    FSP Saga II 500w SMPS
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