Any Advantage to running a main SSD and a caching partition?

Pretty simplistic question here, however I haven't found any solid benchmarks or topics to really provide me with an answer.

I'm running a 128GB Kingston HyperX SSD as my main drive, and 2x 7200 rpm, 500GB western digital drives in Raid 0 as my secondary drive. Being in raid 0, the hard drives already get a performance boost, however my question is this...

Has anyone found any valid benchmarks or proof as to what the performance increase would be like if you pair a Main SSD, with a caching SSD for the secondary drive? I'd venture a guess the gains would be very marginal, but I'd like to see actual testing that has been done, if any.

I seem to have come up empty handed in my searches.

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  1. No benefit. Photoshop users like a second SSD as a "scratch disk" to hold temporary files while editing. Otherwise you could use it for programs to keep your "OS" ssd cleaner.
  2. I figured as much, just wanted to verify. I'd imagine it would only marginally help on any of the games I have installed on the raid drives... But even with that it would be next to nothing, and not worth the money. Might as well sell the 60GB!

  3. Good idea....
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