Can't select AHCI but can select IDE controller

I recently put together a new computer with some old and new parts. The problem is that when I went to select the sata control thing I chose AHCI which results in a bluescreen when I start windows Vista 32 bit. I went back to set it to IDE and the problem went away.

What I want to know is why it is bluescreening in AHCI mode and if I am losing much performance using IDE mode?

System Specs:
3570K stock
Z77 Extreme 4 AsRock
8GB (2x4GB) corsair
Windows Vista 32 bit

ST31000528AS C: (Has Vista 32 bit and is boot drive)
ST3320620AS D:

If more details are needed just ask.
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  1. If you Install Windows in IDE mode and then change to AHCI mode in the BIOS you will get a blue screen as you have found out. One way of fixing this is to reinstall the operating system in AHCI mode. Another way is to do a registry patch and install the AHCI drivers.

    In practice there is not much difference in performance between the two modes so I would not worry about it to much unless you get a SSD where it is important.
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