SSD - indexing just the HD's?

Hi Folks,

Sucessfully put in a Samsung 840 SSD with Win 7 Ultimate and got rid of my Raid 1 and installed a few other drives and will setup a local backup as well as a cloud backup. The HD throughput is so much better without the RAID 1 and the USB 3 seems to have improved quite a bit when copying to and from HD's.

I do miss the windows indexing though, which I turned off. Since all of the data is on HD's, is it possible to have one of them indexed without involving the SSD? Primarily for things like searching for a file or searching for an email, etc.

Can this be done without indexing the SSD?

Thx DD
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  1. Yes, you can turn indexing on for individual drives. Right click on the drive and check the box for indexing. My SSD is not set for indexing but I do have it set on at least one other drive.
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