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I am starting to get back into pc gaming and i'm looking to upgrade my video card. I am currently using a geforce 9600gt and I'm looking to upgrade to maybe a gtx 460 or 465. I have been looking at newegg and I'm just wondering if there is any brand in particular that is generally better then others? Any brand to definitely stay away from? Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.
My other specs are
Win XP
Intel quad core 2.4gz
AsusTek Basewood Motherboard
4 gigs ram
450w PS
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  1. can you give us the specs of your power supply?
  2. My PS is a Raidmax 12v 450w
  3. as long as your PSU has at least 24a on the rail/rails you should be fine, if not you will need to upgrade that PSU.
  4. sorry to sound dense, but what does that mean and how do i check if my psu has 24a? thanks again
  5. The info you seek is on the side of the PSU itself. Raidmax is a junk brand so I wouldn't use to try and power any serious card. BIG difference in power draw between the 9600GT and the GTX460. I'd upgrade the PSU and then the CPU.
  6. Thanks for the input. It looks like i will upgrade my PSU as well. Any chance you could recommend one or two decent PSU's that won't break the bank? i'm kind of on a budget here. Thanks again.
  7. What is the budget? Not all of our banks are equal.

    I do know the Corsair 400W PSU is usually pretty cheap. Might have a rebate on it, but it should be around $35-$40 after rebate. You might want to spring for their 450W PSU. The Antec Earthwatts 430-500W PSUs are also good choices.
  8. I will start looking in to the psu's you guys suggested. Thanks again for the help.
  9. go for 460 1gb they run cooler and use less electric, are approximately same performance.
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