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I am trying to network (home group) Windows 2000 SP4 and Windows 7 Home Premium. can this be done? can I at least use 1 printer for both computers? I've tried, and downloaded the new drivers on Windows 7, it sees the printer but will not print.
When I try to get into the homegroup from Win. 7 it ask for username and password. I type it in but it says it's wrong. What now. I am using a Trendnet router.
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  1. yes you can network Win 7 to Win2k.

    i would not use home groups as its well after win 2k was released.

    set the 2 computers to the same workgroup.
    share your printer from the computer its connected to

    then from the start run command type \\computer-name\
    obviously substitute computer-name for the actual computer name of what your trying to connect to.

    and it will bring up a window where your able to right click the printer and click connect.
  2. ^Agreed, Homegroups are not the way to go with Win2k. The workgroup concept is similar, and it works for Win7 and XP.
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