GTX 460 1GB or AT 5850. need help


i am confused which is better. in ere gtx 460 1gb costs $400 and ati 5850 costs $466.

which card is faster and better to buy?

im upgrading from an overclocked GTS 250 512mb.

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  1. Where are you? those prices are almost double.,

    whats the specs for the res of your system?
  2. im living in New Zealand.

    I have Q8400 oced to 3.6ghz, 3GB DDR2 ram, HP 7550 CRT monitor at 1600*1200 res,
    2 hard drives, oced GTS 250 512mb.

    so what do u say
  3. Wow, GTX460 for $400??!

    Get that HD5850, it much better than GTX460.
    GTX460 normal price usually just about $200...
  4. ^I Think hes using New Zealand dollars, which is about $300USD, still crazy expensive though.

    I agree get the HD5850, single card performance is marginally better. Can you SLI though, another GTS250 is another good option also.
  5. GTX 460 = 400.00 NZD = 292.313 USD

    HD5850 = 466.00 NZD = 340.533 USD

    I say get the 5850 since the GTX 460 is overpriced in New Zealand =)
  6. how much a 5850 is faster than 460?

    how about physix? Mafia 2 will be out and it uses heavy cuda and physix.

    so what do u say?
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