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Hi So recently had some graphic card low frame rate issues and was solved this week I got Blood stone and mafia 2 and 2 problem is there again I start playing good when time pass it starts sluttering , Can it be a Bottleneck I ran some test with 3DMARK06 When the graphic test are good i get good fps when it comes to the cpu test the fps stays at 0-1 What do you think Thx . Also Do you think overclocking my cpu would fix the problem .

Specs Are : Gainward Gts 450
Amd Athlon 5400 + (2.8) Dual Core ( With an Xilence Cooler)
600 W PSU
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  1. Yeah, the CPU test in the 3DMarks really wants me to throw my rig outta the window too......
    No, OCing the CPU doesn't solve the 3DMark 0-1 Frame problem.....
    What you need to tryout is a HDD benchmark, clear the clutter from the HDD and have enough free space on it, make sure your pagefile is on a disc that has ample free space....
    That ought to solve the bottleneck problem :)
    Don't worry about the 0-1 FPS in th CPU bench, since I'm using a 965BE at 4.1GHZ and it still does the same thing... only CPU score at the end of the test varies, not the FPS......
  2. hmmn but mainly the problem is that when playing games it freezes a lot and i get the same result in 3d mark
  3. Your CPU is the bottleneck it's one of the older K8 CPU's so yeah.
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