Can i use two types of ram at one time

so i have 4GB of ram running at 1333MHz and i want to upgrade to 8 GB's of ram i was wondering if i could buy 4 more GB of ram that runs at 1600 MHz like this one . while still maintaining my old ram installed at the same time (so basically running both types of ram at one time installed on my PC) or do i have to get some ram that runs at 1333MHz.

here are my specs
cpu: amd phenom II x6 1100t
motherboard: aspire x3400
graphics: radeon hd 6870
ram: 4GB 1333MHz
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  1. Yes. Keep the ram in matched pairs when using 4 ram slots. It will run at the slower speed of the two sets.
  2. matched pairs?
  3. Use the same ram for each pair of slots. You can run with 2 or 4 slots, but not 3 in dual channel. In other words, use two of the same brand and speed of ram in two slots, and two more which can be a different brand in the other two.
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