Upgrading to a new SSD and Windows 8 at same time?

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Okay so I just purchased both a Samsung 840 128gb SSD and also Windows 8 in order to upgrade my system from Windows 7. Generally every time I attempt something like this I do more harm than good and it turns into an ordeal, but I suppose I will give it a go.

How should I go about this? Should I install the SSD and then upgrade my PC to Windows 8 after the fact? I see posts that say do a "clean install" of Windows 8 onto the SSD, pity I do not even know what that means? How would this work, because once I reconnected my original HD wouldn't Windows 7 and 8 be conflicting against each other? I only plan on using the SSD for the OS, and everything else will be on my 1 TB original HD. Any pointers? Maybe I'm overreacting, but I just don't really understand how this will play out having part of the computer running from one thing and the other 80% from something else. It doesn't help that I've never messed with "partitions" or anything like that, always just had one huge hard drive with everything packed into it. . .
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  1. Since you haven't done this before, this is what I would recommend. Unplug your 1TB from your motherboard. Plug in your SSD and install Windows 8 on the SSD. Assuming you know how to do that, once windows 8 is installed on your SSD, you may replug your 1TB into the motherboard. The motherboard should boot your SSD first if your BIOS is configured properly. There should be no conflicts doing this. Usually though, I save all the files, games, etc on another drive then reformat your 1TB, then recopy over those files you saved onto the fresh 1TB. If you are using your 1TB simply for storage of files, programs, and games, then there's no need to have your old windows 7 files on it.
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